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These are the basic marketing tips while you start your real estate company.

Posted by Rashmi Sharma on November 10, 2019
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One fine morning, before my husband left for his work he asked me, “What are you going to do today?” I ‘ve so many things going on my mind at this particular period of time. I just smiled back to him. I was like one month before I started to work in Real Estate Company. At that time the unfortunate part of not having job is you hear these kind of questions everywhere and from everybody, which I am not upset with. Then I joined real estate company which is really new thing for me. But

After one month doing research and getting update about the real estate market. I have a little knowledge and I am going to write a blog about my experience. Here are 24 marketing tips you need to know before going to market.

  1. Set yourself for the social.
  2. Keep an eye on the competition.
  3. Make yourself easy to contact.
  4. Make your business card.
  5. Make use of local images.
  6. Create irresistible content offer to capture leads.
  7. Have a good photographer.
  8. Create a visual tour.
  9. Host free seminar for home buyer.
  10. Partner with local businesses.
  11. Create awesome website.
  12. Make your site easy to navigate.
  13. Keep in touch.
  14. Leverage call tracking.
  15. Offer home valuations to capture seller leads.
  16. Market to a smaller area.
  17. Create Blog that answers clients answer.
  18. Grow your network with local happy hours.
  19. Target serious home buyers.
  20. Make connections with local businesses.
  21. Focus on small clients lists.
  22. Become face of your business.
  23. Find what makes you stand out.
  24. Host some contests for agents.

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